Metered Paywall for WordPress

Let your readers try before they subscribe... The Leaky Paywall for WordPress solves the hard paywall problem by letting every published article get found in Google search and shared socially via Facebook and the rest. That means your articles reach new readers and attract more paying subscribers.

Metered Paywall

Let your readers view X number of free articles per Y number of days, before they need to subscribe.

Granular paywall settings

Control your content. Set articles/blog posts as always public, subscriber only or always leaky.

Multiple subscription levels

Offer subscribers an unlimited selection of subscription options. Subscribers can upgrade/downgrade seamlessly.

Bulk import subscribers

Running a print edition? Need to add subscribers from another system? Import your CSV file in a snap. Fields supported: username, email, price, expires, status

Secure 2 step login-in

Logins require only an email address and is confirmed through the subscribers inbox. That means easy mobile logins, no password sharing, and no more lost passwords

Protect your PDFs

Only paid subscribers will be able to download your PDFs (works with the  IssueM plugin)

Go viral

Each one of your blog posts/articles can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc 1000's of times. The paywall only prompts an individual browser that decides to view more of your articles.

Let Google in…

Every article and blog post shows up in Google search, sending you significantly more potential subscribers.

Article Countdown Nag

Every time a reader views a post or article, the Article Countdown Nag shows how many free articles are left before they need to subscribe. (Free Add-on)

PayPal & Stripe Payments

Accept all major credit cards through Stripe and/or PayPal (Business, Premium or greater). Offer one time payment or recurring subscriptions.

MailPoet integration

Automate your subscriber email blasts with Set up auto-responders and much more. (Free Add-on)

IP Address Exclusion

Offer bulk access to your publication with IP address exclusions. Let university or corporate sites access your publication with a simple IP range. (Free Add-on)

How does Leaky Paywall attract more subscribers?

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